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Designs and produces its own line of menswear focusing on high-quality craftsmanship, authenticity and traditional style.

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Buy leather trousers and leather clothing online

Stylish leather clothing for women and men was invented over 100 years ago and is still very trendy then and now. Leather jackets, trousers or coats - leather clothing comes in a wide variety of shapes and each one impresses with a variety of styles and color combinations.

In our online shop you will find high-quality leather trousers and other leather clothing for him and her: Find your new favorite leather item now!

Leather clothing: Manufacture and care of leather clothing

A wide range of fashionable leather clothing is available to you in the Fetish-Design online shop. Only the best materials are used to manufacture our lederhosen, as these are crucial for the comfort and stability of the products. The quality of the leather used is divided into different levels. The highest quality materials for the production of leather jackets and leather clothing are characterized above all by their breathability and natural grain. Furthermore, the leather must not have any cracks or breaks.

After the right material has been chosen, it is treated to make it supple and durable. This process is known as tanning and makes the lederhosen and leather clothing water-repellent and unsusceptible to soiling.

When caring for your favorite leather products, you should pay attention to a few small tips so that you can enjoy your leather pants or leather clothing for a long time. Leather clothing should not be cleaned like traditional fashion. A well-ventilated location and a suitable coat hanger are also recommended when storing lederhosen and leather clothing so that the leather does not crease or dry out. To take good care of your leather clothing, you have to pay attention to the respective processed material. Lederhosen made of smooth leather, for example, can be wiped off with a damp cloth. The leather clothing should then be treated with a suitable care product so that no edges are created by cleaning and no moisture penetrates the leather fibers.

Combine leather clothing and leather jackets from top brands correctly

In our online shop you will find various leather clothing and leather jackets that are particularly easy to combine. Like all fashion pieces made of leather, they are particularly characterized by their durability and can give you pleasure for a very long time. It is characteristic of leather jackets and leather clothing that they only develop their real charm after a long period of use, as the individual structures of the material only come to the fore after being worn for a while.

High quality lederhosen are an absolute wardrobe essential. Lederhosen from Fetish-Design are available in different styles and color nuances. From biker style to elegant to classic and casual: leather jackets upgrade every outfit in a fashionable way! In addition, leather jackets can be worn as a replacement for blazers, as a practical outdoor jacket over a sweater or closed as an individual fashion statement. With a leather jacket you are dressed appropriately in everyday life as well as for a special occasion.

Leather trousers and skirts are also a special accessory for your outfit. This type of leather clothing can be combined with a variety of items of clothing, because both chic shirts and casual T-shirts are suitable for being worn with leather clothing .

Leather clothing and leather jackets are the perfect combination of ultra-modern design and unbeatable practicality. All of this makes the leather jacket in particular a timeless classic that is a must-have for every wardrobe.

Tips for choosing the right leather clothing

As large as the range of lederhosen and leather clothing is - only individual tastes are greater! The choice of suitable leather clothing depends, of course, primarily on your own style and preferences, as well as the requirements placed on the leather clothing. Are you the conspicuous type who prefers strong colors and special cuts as well as accessories or is more simple, elegant and casual? It also plays a role to what extent you want to emphasize your figure with the leather clothing.

Decide freely on the right leather clothing according to your preferences! In the online shop of Fetish-Design there are many different cuts and colors available, so that you are sure to find the right leather jacket!

Buy leather clothing and leather jackets from Fetish-Design now!

In the online shop of Fetish-Design you will find the high quality leather clothing and leather jackets for